Trump is unwittingly blaming himself for postal bombs

Trump is unwittingly blaming himself for postal bombs

[Ed. – The author doesn’t actually demonstrate this, but making specious arguments about the president is how the WaPo gets its rocks off.]

Any illusions that President Trump would have a come-to-Jesus moment and admit a role in fomenting political anger and even violence were quickly wiped away Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

But even in blaming others for the postal bombs mailed to CNN and prominent Democrats, Trump practically admitted his own culpability.

At a rally in Wisconsin on Wednesday, Trump made a show of supposedly being civil but also cast blame on others who employed harsh rhetoric. He criticized those who “carelessly compare political opponents to historical villains.” He added that people need to “stop treating their opponents as morally defective.”

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Trump also pointed a finger at the media — a sentiment he expounded upon Thursday morning in a tweet. …

So Trump has now cited three causes for what happened Wednesday: people who villainize their political opponents, people who cast their opponents as “morally defective” and resentment of the media. All three effectively implicate Trump himself.

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