NFL ‘Players Coalition’ hopes to fight Trump at the ballot box

NFL ‘Players Coalition’ hopes to fight Trump at the ballot box
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[Ed. – Yeah, that’s definitely going to put butts back in the seats for increasingly underattended, underwatched NFL games.]

Can NFL players impact the upcoming mid-term elections? USA Today Sports columnist Nancy Armour thinks they can.

She penned a column this week with the headline: “Players Coalition fights back against Trump at the ballot box.”

The Players Coalition is a group of NFL players focused on bringing awareness to what they believe are systematic problems in the United States, like racial inequality. The coalition formed shortly after former San Francisco 49er QB Colin Kaepernick started the anthem protest movement in the summer of 2016.

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“For the past few weeks, members of the Players Coalition have been participating in voter registration drives and doing PSAs to encourage people to vote,”  Armour wrote. “They’ve been lobbying for ballot initiatives that, among other things, would return voting rights to people in Florida convicted of non-violent felonies; reclassify low-level drug possession in Ohio to a misdemeanor; and make it easier to vote in Michigan.”

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