Trump ’emasculates’ Ted Cruz, whole GOP

Trump ’emasculates’ Ted Cruz, whole GOP
Destroyer of worlds?

[Ed. – NeverTrump is nothing if not…prone to nervous exaggeration.]

In exchange for two years of near-unconditional support for Trump and his agenda, Trump indulged in one of his favorite and least presidential pastimes — awarding Cruz a new nickname, “Beautiful Ted.” It’s neither clever nor particularly catchy. But it’s just emasculating enough to remind Cruz and anyone else, “you need me, not the other way around.” …

[Trump’s] figuratively spat on long-held Republican Party orthodoxy — lowering the debt, cutting spending, free trade, disavowing authoritarianism and defending democracy, for example — only to have Republicans in Congress line up to congratulate him for it.

It’s a disturbing thing, watching grown men grovel for another man’s approval, especially one so categorically undeserving of it.

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