Pope Francis calls Catholics to ‘global solidarity walk’ for migrants

Pope Francis calls Catholics to ‘global solidarity walk’ for migrants
Pope Francis (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – The walk will be 2,000 miles long and will begin in Hondorus.]

Pope Francis plugged the one-million-kilometer “Global Solidarity Walk” for migrants and refugees Sunday, urging all Catholics to participate in the pro-immigration event.

The walk, organized by international Catholic relief service Caritas Internationalis, involves walking “side by side with migrants and refugees” but also has an explicitly political purpose. By walking together, we “send a strong message of unity to political leaders,” organizers declare.

The pope tweeted Sunday that the pro-immigration walk was like the journey of two disciples on the road to Emmaus after Christ’s resurrection, where they were joined by Jesus as they traveled.

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In September 2017, the pope said that it is Jesus Christ himself who asks us to welcome migrants “with arms wide open,” whereas a failure to do so stems from xenophobia.

Opposition to immigration “finds its explanation in an innate fear of the ‘foreigner,’ a fear exacerbated by the wounds caused by the economic crisis, the unpreparedness of the local communities, and the inadequacy of many measures taken in an emergency atmosphere,” Francis said.

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