Trump tells cabinet departments to propose 5% cuts in spending

Trump tells cabinet departments to propose 5% cuts in spending

[Ed. – To combat rising national debt]

President Donald Trump told his cabinet departments to propose spending cuts of 5 percent, after the federal budget deficit swelled to its highest level since 2012 during the first full fiscal year of his presidency.

Trump directed his cabinet secretaries to plan for the budget reductions during a meeting Wednesday after he invited in reporters. Trump, an advocate of higher military spending, said he might make exceptions but didn’t elaborate.

“I’m going to ask everybody to come back with a 5 percent cut for our next meeting,” Trump said. “There may be a special exemption, perhaps. I don’t know who that exemption would be.”

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He said he’d propose a $700 billion budget for military spending in fiscal 2020, which would be about a $15 billion increase over total appropriations for the Defense Department this year. It’s “a very substantial number,” Trump said, “but it’s defense, it’s important.”

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