Elle magazine urges women to ‘think outside the law’ if Roe v Wade overturned

Elle magazine urges women to ‘think outside the law’ if Roe v Wade overturned

[Ed. – The law is not going to be overturned, which makes it doubly unwise to encourage people to break it.]

Elle Magazine published a Thursday article encouraging women to breach the law in order to protect abortion access in the event that Roe V. Wade should be overturned.

Women should “think outside the law,” if the high court takes away the federal law allowing them to abort, according to the magazine’s Thursday article. The Elle piece floats “a federal ban on abortion, criminal penalties or even death sentences for doctors and patients, and a return to the days of women dying in back-alley procedures,” as the worst-case scenario, alleging the scenario is “scarily close to our present-day reality.”

The piece cites the arrest of Anna Yocca as evidence that the U.S. is more heavily restricting abortion access. Yocca was arrested in 2015 because she attempted to kill her unborn baby with a coat hanger past the point of viability, police reports show.

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Viability refers to the point at which an unborn baby can live outside of the womb. The U.S. Supreme Court recognized in 1994’s Casey v. Planned Parenthood that viability can occur at or before 23 weeks. …

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