America already has a centrist party: The Democrats

America already has a centrist party: The Democrats

[Ed. – Logic you can’t argue with.]

Centrist pundits falsely presume that Progressive Activists enjoy the same hegemonic control over the Democratic Party that Devout Conservatives command over the GOP. And this leads them to erroneously suggest that the “Exhausted Majority” has no political home in the existing two-party system. …

As an upper-middle-class white left-winger — who believes the conservative movement poses a threat to both American democracy and humanity’s medium-term survival — I would love it if the Democratic Party were slavishly beholden to my “extreme cult.” But it isn’t. …

On the Republican side of the aisle, ideological conservatives — and corporations whose policy preferences lie far to the right of the general public’s — provide the GOP with virtually all of its campaign donations and the lion’s share of its think-tank funding. With the aid of such donors, the GOP’s far-right faction routinely defeats (perceived) moderates in primaries. And the biases of America’s congressional map, which gives disproportionate voice to predominantly white, rural areas of the country, inflates the clout of the party’s most extreme forces.

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