100 ways white people can make life less frustrating for people of color

100 ways white people can make life less frustrating for people of color
Now you see him, now you don't. (Image via Instagram)

[Ed. – Because what white person doesn’t want to spend every waking hour walking on eggshells so people of color won’t be frustrated.]

  1. Just because you can’t see racism around you doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Trust people of color’s assessment of a situation.
  2. Don’t assume that all people of color share the same views. We are not a monolith.
  3. Don’t assume or guess people’s races. This is NOT a fun game for us.
  4. If someone tells you they’re from Uganda, don’t say, “I went to Nigeria once!” Just, please.
  5. Related: Don’t refer to Africa as a country. It’s a continent and it’s wildly varied. Yes. Take a moment.
  6. Oh, and rest assured that literally no person of color ever wants you to get back from holiday, show off your tan and excitedly exclaim, “Look, I’m almost as dark as you!” Cease and desist.
  7. Don’t assume that a person of color knows everything about their country of heritage. Do you know everything there is to know about America? Germany? Sweden? That’s what I thought.

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