California: Another day, another solar-powered border tunnel with a rail system

California: Another day, another solar-powered border tunnel with a rail system
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The tunnel was originally discovered by the Mexican military in coordination with the Baja California Norte State Preventive Police (PEP) on September 20 in the rural farming community of Ejido Jacume, located on the outskirts of Tecate. Security forces received an anonymous tip about the location. Authorities found the remote property with a residential structure containing a tunnel. The property sits approximately 221 feet south of the U.S.-Mexico Border. …

On October 4, U.S. agents were able to determine the tunnel entry point had a shaft approximately 31 feet deep with a total length of 627 feet–336 feet were inside the United States. The average dimensions of the tunnel in the United States were three feet in height and roughly 2.5 feet in width. Agents reached an exit shaft that went approximately 15 feet toward the surface but remains unfinished.

The tunnel had a full-length rail system with electricity, ventilation, and lighting. Agents reported a solar panel powered the structure. There were also two sump-pumps to remove any collected water.

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