The Kavanaugh confirmation motivated me to rejoin the Republican Party

The Kavanaugh confirmation motivated me to rejoin the Republican Party
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), Boof-Hunter, addresses issue of Supreme Court manning. WaPo video, YouTube

[Ed. – There seem to be a lot of testimonials to this effect.  People I know who’ve been pretty quiet about politics in the last two years have come out of hiding, galvanized by the unseemly spectacle put on by the left.  None of what the Democrats did surprised me, but I think a whole lot of people saw clearly for the first time what their leadership has become.]

[W]hen Donald Trump won the nomination, I felt I’d been deceived. I learned that power matters most to most people most of the time, party affiliation notwithstanding.

So why did the Kavanaugh confirmation battle lead me back to the GOP? …

Something about the Kavanaugh circus these past two weeks … made me reconsider staying on the sidelines. The new low in political gamesmanship disturbed me. Don’t like a nominee’s jurisprudence? Leak an allegation prior to the vote. Demand the accuser’s sex be taken more seriously than the evidence. Tell a woman who shows emotion she is brave, but accuse a man who shows emotion of lacking judgement.

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Consider the accused guilty until proven innocent. Judge a sober, middle-aged adult by his teen beer consumption.

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