Bigger job gains for disabled workers under Trump

Bigger job gains for disabled workers under Trump
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[Ed. – Another group that gas benefited from the Trump presidency.]

Disabled Americans are going back to work at a better pace than those with no disabilities, another sign that the Trump economy is opening up the job market.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Jobs Report released Friday said that a higher ratio of those with disabilities gained jobs than those without them

“The employment-to-population ratio for working-age people with disabilities increased from 30.4 percent in September 2017 to 31.4 percent in September 2018 (up 3.3 percent or 1 percentage point). For working-age people without disabilities, the employment-to-population ratio also increased from 73.8 percent in September 2017 to 74.0 percent in September 2018 (up 0.3 percent or 0.2 percentage points),” said BLS.

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The participation rate was good too, according to a report from the issued by Kessler Foundation and the University of New Hampshire’s Institute on Disability.

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