VIDEO: GOP challenger takes aim at Sen. Sheldon ‘Boof’ Whitehouse in new ad

VIDEO: GOP challenger takes aim at Sen. Sheldon ‘Boof’ Whitehouse in new ad
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), Boof-Hunter, addresses issue of Supreme Court manning. WaPo video, YouTube

[Ed. – Wishful thinking]

Could Sheldon Whitehouse suddenly find himself vulnerable to a Republican challenger in deep-blue Rhode Island? Almost certainly not, but it’s certainly fun to play out this string anyway. Bob Flanders launched a new ad highlighting the most excruciatingly embarrassing five minutes in recent Senate history — Whitehouse’s cross-examination of Brett Kavanaugh over high-school yearbook entries such as “boofed,” and “Devil’s Triangle.” Whitehouse demanded that Kavanaugh cop to them as sexual references … as though a teenage boy talking about sex was evidence of anything but being a teenage boy.

Flanders calls it “Gasbag,” which fits perfectly. …

The most hilarious part of this is that Whitehouse seems to be completely enthralled with himself as he sets supposed perjury traps for Kavanaugh — over teen slang from 36 years ago. Unfortunately for Whitehouse, he skipped over the part where cross-examiners do research and figure out the answers ahead of time. It turns out that “boof” was well-enough known as a slang for flatulence to be included in a book about it, and four other boys from Georgetown Prep testified that “Devil’s Triangle” was indeed a drinking game.

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