California: Flea-borne typhus now in Pasadena

California: Flea-borne typhus now in Pasadena
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[Ed. – That was quick.  Pasadena is miles from downtown LA.  It’s not close enough for this to all be from the same steaming piles of street trash. Might want to get a booster if you haven’t had one for a while, folks.]

The city of Pasadena Friday announced it is facing a flea-borne typhus epidemic, one day after a similar issue was reported in downtown Los Angeles.

There have been 20 confirmed cases of typhus fever among Pasadena residents so far this year, the Pasadena Public Health Department said.

Pasadena averages only between one and five cases annually.

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On Thursday, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health reported that it was investigating an outbreak of flea-borne typhus in the downtown L.A. area. The exact number of cases were not disclosed.

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