After UN court (ICJ) ruling, U.S. withdraws from ‘Treaty of Amity’ with Iran that allowed suit

After UN court (ICJ) ruling, U.S. withdraws from ‘Treaty of Amity’ with Iran that allowed suit

[Ed. – The court ruling is the one noted here.  As Pompeo says, we should have done this 39 years ago.  The reasons to have done so long before now are manifold — but there is plenty of recent justification too.]

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Wednesday that the U.S. is terminating a 1955 treaty with Iran, after the United Nations’ top court used that treaty to order the U.S. to ease some of its sanctions on the regime.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled earlier Wednesday that the U.S. must lift sanctions that affect the import of humanitarian goods and products and services linked to the safety of civil aviation. Iran had alleged that the sanctions breach the 1955 bilateral agreement known as the Treaty of Amity, from when the two countries had good relations, that regulates and promotes economic and diplomatic ties between the two countries. …

Pompeo said Iran’s case was “meritless” and accused the country of “attempting to interfere with the sovereign rights of the United States to take lawful actions necessary to protect our national security and abusing the ICJ for political and propaganda purposes.”

He then announced the U.S. would terminate the Amity treaty which formed the basis of Iran’s suit against the U.S.

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