City records undercut Ford’s account of ‘second exit door’ anxiety for home remodeling

City records undercut Ford’s account of ‘second exit door’ anxiety for home remodeling
Christine Blasey Ford (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – I actually looked into this and came to a similar conclusion. The remodel was clearly completed in 2010 and had its final inspection that March. Interestingly, the Fords didn’t have a recorded deed to the property until October 2010, but had done the remodel between 2008 and 2010.  The second front door appeared to be installed to facilitate room rental, which Ford mentioned in her Senate testimony.  She described disclosing her traumatic sexual assault episode in counseling in May 2012.]

Ford testified last week that she had never revealed the details of the alleged attack until 2012, when she was in couples therapy with her husband. She said the memories percolated up as they revisited a disagreement they’d had over her insistence on installing a “second front door” when they had remodeled their Palo Alto, Calif., home.

The need to explain a decision her husband “didn’t understand,” Ford testified, pushed her to say she wanted the door to alleviate symptoms of “claustrophobia” and “panic attacks” she still suffered from an attempted rape allegedly perpetrated by Kavanaugh in high school during the early 1980s. …

Ford never specified when the renovation took place, leaving a possible impression that it and the therapy session happened around the same time.

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But documents reveal the door was installed years before as part of an addition, and has been used by renters and even a marriage counseling business.

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