The real story on proposed DHS rule to bar immigrants likely to end up on welfare

The real story on proposed DHS rule to bar immigrants likely to end up on welfare
Immigrants in a U.S. citizenship program in St. Louis, MO. USCIS image

[Ed. – We’ve always barred immigrants likely to end up on welfare.  The Clinton administration redefined what it means to “end up on welfare,” and the Trump administration proposes to change the definition back to the sensible, obvious one.]

Over the weekend, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the DHS bureau that deals with green cards and citizenship, released the draft of a proposed rule spelling out in detail how the public-charge principle should be applied to those applying green cards. (It was supposed to be released yesterday, but someone on the inside, presumably a #Resistance mole, leaked it, so the agency got it out the door early.) …

Far from doing a “runaround on Congress,” the proposed regulation seeks to replace the current, Clinton-era practice, which is based on a lie about what welfare is. … Under the Clinton-era guidelines (which never even went through the formal rulemaking process), the only things that may be counted as welfare are cash assistance (such as state benefits or the federal TANF or SSI programs) and institutionalization for long-term care. All other non-cash benefits for the poor were exempted.

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