NYC transit authority to subway riders: You smell

NYC transit authority to subway riders: You smell
CBS 2 NY video

[Ed. – That’s the spirit.]

Officials at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said the precious seconds lost to commuters … were partly to blame for delays plaguing one in three subway trains. The MTA has ordered conductors to be more assertive closing doors and not allow limbs or bags to force them open. …

“You want reliable transit. We want to give it you,” said MTA subway chief Andy Byford. “You have a part to play in this.”

The New York City subway can be a daily adventure. Waterfalls cascade down stairways in storms. Ceilings drip and sometimes collapse. Elevators, when they work, seem to double as urinals. Panhandlers, dancers and musicians hustle for tips. People jostle, argue, clip their nails and eat smelly foods. …

Yuduz Makhamova, who arrived from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, some months ago, said the subway back home was as “clean as my home” and smelled good. New York, she said, not so much: “There’s a lot of rats and garbage, some stations are very dirty, it smells bad. But I think it’s OK.”

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