For some reason, Rahm Emanuel warns in interview that Trump may invade Venezuela

For some reason, Rahm Emanuel warns in interview that Trump may invade Venezuela
Rahm Emanuel presides at the grand opening of the Morgan "L" Station in 2012. (Image: Screen grab of Chicago Mayor's Office video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Gotta admit, that’s weird.]

With all of Chicago’s problems and scandals, from its Caracas-level violence to its financial straits to its corrupt and sex-harassing pols to its Obama library sweetheart deal to its issues with illegals to even Catholic Church scandals, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is concerned about…Venezuela – and, more specifically, the prospect that President Trump might invade it, which, in his mind, could only be for political gain.

CNBC’s John Harwood reports:

Rahm Emanuel, the former top aide to President Barack Obama who is now Chicago’s mayor, is publicly warning that the mercurial commander-in-chief may blow past the hesitation of national security advisors in search of a rally-around-the-flag political boost.  He wants Congress to flash caution lights.

“We have a phrase in this country: the October surprise,” Emanuel, Obama’s first White House chief of staff, told me in an interview.  “I think in this situation he is looking to do anything and will do anything.”

So the number-one item on his agenda is the inside-baseball speculation that Trump might invade Venezuela to get his poll numbers up…

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