Finally: Specifics on N.M. solar observatory evacuation

Finally: Specifics on N.M. solar observatory evacuation
Sunspot Solar Observatory grounds, New Mexico. YouTube video

[Ed. – It seems unlikely that all the secrecy was really essential, but the explanation at least does make sense. As suspected, the “criminal activity” involved using the Internet.]

The mysterious closure of a solar observatory in New Mexico earlier this month happened after the FBI opened a child pornography investigation involving a janitor’s computer found at the observatory, and agents tracked wireless signals used to access child porn, according to an FBI search warrant affidavit. …

The search warrant filed last week in federal court in Las Cruces said the facility’s chief observer, who was not identified, told FBI agents in August he found a laptop computer with child pornography several months earlier but did not immediately report the discovery to authorities because he was “distracted” by an unspecified urgent issue at the observatory. …

An FBI agent seized the laptop at the observatory on Aug. 21, 2018, and took it to the FBI office in Las Cruces, court documents said.

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FBI spokesman Frank Fisher said Thursday that no one has been charged and the investigation is ongoing.

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