John Kerry: Trump has ‘the insecurity of a teenage girl’

John Kerry: Trump has ‘the insecurity of a teenage girl’
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[Ed. – Helpful as ever. This is the guy who accused his fellow Vietnam veterans of raping and pillaging in the manner of Genghis Khan.  He also took James Taylor to Paris to have him serenade the French with “You’ve Got a Friend” after the Charlie Hebdo and Jewish market terror attacks.  The kicker: the mayor of Paris ended up holding the microphone for Taylor throughout the entire song.]

John Kerry sat down with host Bill Maher for the latest edition of Real Time. …

When Maher asked Kerry about the [Trump] tweet, he brushed it off. “He’s the first president that I know of who spends more time reading his Twitter ‘likes’ than his briefing books or the Constitution of the United States,” cracked Kerry. …

The secretary of state under Obama defended his meeting with the Iranian president by, oddly enough, pointing to the actions of Henry Kissinger—a war criminal—and his diplomatic meetings.

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