On cue: ‘Striking parallels’ between Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas

On cue: ‘Striking parallels’ between Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas
Image: Screen grab of Face the Nation video

[Ed. – Except that Thomas’s accuser was actually identified, of course — however questionable the allegation.  Conservatives are pointing out that the striking parallels are all on the Democrats’ side, in terms of the tactics used in this political smear.]

It feels like 1991 all over again.

That year, Clarence Thomas was nominated by President George H.W. Bush to the Supreme Court, and Anita Hill testified that he had sexually harassed her when they worked together several years prior. Sen. Joe Biden, then the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, failed to call additional witnesses whose testimony could have supported Hill’s account. Thomas has now served on the Supreme Court for nearly 30 years.

Today, the details are different but the basic outline is eerily similar. In July, a woman reported to Democrats in Congress that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh tried to sexually assault her when they were both in high school. He has denied the allegation.

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