Bob Woodward amps up scare tactics to hype book

Bob Woodward amps up scare tactics to hype book

[Ed. – Duel mission: (1) to take down Trump; (2) to rake in the cash.]

Bob Woodward appeared on Monday’s Today Show to scare people into buying his upcoming anti-Trump book, Fear: Trump in the White House.

Speaking with far-left Today Show co-host Savannah Guthrie, the legendary Watergate reporter sounded the alarm about how President Trump is jeopardizing national security and the economy.

“This has not been treated seriously enough, and some of the things Trump did and does to jeopardize the real national security,” Woodward warned.

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“This country does some things in the intelligence world which are so important to protect the country; they are astonishing, they are secret, they are called special access programs, and he jeopardizes them.”

On the economy, Woodward sounded just as frantic.

“He jeopardizes the position in the economy that experts — you know, 99.9 percent of the people say, ‘Don’t do tariffs; it doesn’t work.’”

Woodward added, “He’s got it in his head, and when people challenge him he will say, ‘Oh, I’ve had those ideas for thirty years — you’re wrong.’”

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