Trump should be a better boss

Trump should be a better boss
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[Ed. – An argument from a non-Trump-enthusiast worth reading.]

House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy penned a letter to the editor of the Times blasting the [anonymous] op-ed. …

The members of this political class claim to love democracy, but they are “working diligently” to “insulate” the government from democratic decisions. They claim to love the norms that protect constitutional government, but shatter constitutional norms of executive power. They claim to be above party and ideology, but are in fact so blinded by groupthink that they cannot tolerate any challenge to their 1990s-era consensus on trade, immigration and foreign policy.

I have to take issue with this characterization. Let’s put aside the merits of Anonymous’s critique, whether he should have attached his name to the piece, or even written it altogether. (I describe the person as “he” because that’s the pronoun the Times used for the writer.) Reasonable people — including conservatives who are generally happy with Trump’s policy successes — can disagree. (I think the criticisms ring true, but it was grossly irresponsible to write the piece.) Regardless of the merits of the op-ed, McCarthy is eliding a distinction regarding the “Deep State” that, when made clear, can help sharpen our understanding of Trump’s approach to executive governance.

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