Florida State U: Mandatory ‘coping skills’ program will be about mental health, ‘encourage help-seeking’

Florida State U: Mandatory ‘coping skills’ program will be about mental health, ‘encourage help-seeking’
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[Ed. – Other posts about this are going for the “snowflake” angle, but I’m stuck on the point that this is avowedly a mental health program.  And it’s mandatory — except for those already receiving mental health care.  Does it include a mandatory screening?  This sounds an awful lot like an opportunity for abusing the power of prejudicial mental health judgments, and one that students can’t opt out of.  It’s more than just a solution looking for a problem.  The potential is disquieting.  Students could be branded for life with records annotations that would make them ineligible for — just to name one citizens’ right — owning a firearm.]

Florida State University is launching a mandatory program to teach incoming students about “resilience” and “coping skills,” but will allow students to opt out if they have “experienced significant trauma.”

The new Student Resilience Project (SRP) is designed to help “strengthen student emotional and academic coping skills,” according to the “Frequently Asked Questions” on the program website.

The “evidence-informed universal public-health style prevention program,” the website explains, is “intended to destigmatize mental health issues and encourage help-seeking” among students dealing with trauma or stress.

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