Guess who is sufficiently mainstream to have appeared onstage with a former president today

Guess who is sufficiently mainstream to have appeared onstage with a former president today

[Ed. – Besides being a lowlife himself, judge him by the company he keeps.]

Bill [Clinton] has escaped serious consequences for his behavior with women but he’ll never escape being an online joke every time he looks approvingly in the direction of a pretty young thing. Don’t let goofing on the Clenis distract you, though, from the fact that he shared the stage today with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan, all three of whom have had … pointed things to say about Jews over the years, shall we say, but one of whom has made basically a career of it. This wasn’t a state event and a person’s entitled to invite whomever they like to their funeral but they’re not entitled to have every person they invite attend. Why’d Bill attend knowing that he’d be asked to share a stage with a cretin like Farrakhan?

It’s not like nothing was happening elsewhere in the political world today that he could have attended instead as an excuse to get out of going.

Unlike Bill and Hillary, the Obamas had the good sense to stay away and send their regards to Franklin’s family via a letter. Then again, Obama’s not above posing for the cameras with Farrakhan either.

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