Al Gore’s message to Trump: Resign!

Al Gore’s message to Trump: Resign!

[Ed. – I’m sure Trump will get right on that.]

Former Vice President Al Gore has a message for President Trump: Resign!

“I don’t mean to be flippant about this,” Gore told FOX 11 Los Angeles‘ Elex Michaelson, host of “Good Day LA” and “The Issue Is,” in an exclusive interview.

“I think everyone knows to discount what this current Administration is doing and saying. They’ve made the EPA the CPA! The Coal Production Agency! Instead of protecting the environment,” Gore said.
Gore met with then-Pres. Elect Trump during the president transition, but said Mr. Trump hasn’t implemented his suggestions. “I don’t think he’s prepared to listen to advice about the importance of clean air and clean water.” …
He believes those denying climate change should simply look out the window.

“Don’t take it from me. You don’t even have to take it from me or even have to take it from the scientists, who are virtually unanimous, take it from Mother Nature! Every night on the TV is like a nature hike through the Book of Revelation.”

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