Chilean criminal gangs travel to UK, other nations for home break-in ‘burglary tourism’

Chilean criminal gangs travel to UK, other nations for home break-in ‘burglary tourism’
It seems like such a nice place. Bridge in Chertsey, Surrey, UK. YouTube video

[Ed. – UK reporting indicates they also come to the U.S. and Canada.]

In the past two years, 75 Chileans have been arrested for breaking into affluent homes in suburbs across the country and Scotland Yard is actively seeking the UK-based leadership of the gang who is coordinating the criminal enterprise, according to a series of exclusive reports by The Times.

Police have arrested thieves following some 200 South American gang-related burglaries in counties in the commuter belt around London including Hertfordshire, Kent, and Surrey but also as far afield as Wales and in the south-west county of Somerset. …

There have been 36 arrests made so far this year, and the gang is believed to be active in other European countries such as Spain. …

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It is believed that the Chilean nationals — who, like nationals of several other Latin American countries, can travel as tourists to the UK visa-free for up to three months — meet an “embedded contact” in south London after landing where their identification is taken from them and they are handed a burner phone and a car before being dispatched to break into properties.

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