Black pastors who support Trump are a disgrace

Black pastors who support Trump are a disgrace
Rev. Clenard H. Childress, Jr., (Image via Pinterest)

[Ed. – Come on, say it. They’re ‘house’ what?]

Black people cannot stand Donald Trump.

I don’t mean there is distaste for his policies and his Twitter outbursts. I’m talking about a feeling of anger that knows no bounds.

Sure, it’s easy to find a small percentage of African Americans who swear allegiance to him and the Republican Party, but for black folks in general, Trump is a name that is more despised than Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and that is no small feat.

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The list of black grievances is long:

  • Trump’s vitriolic attacks on NFL players who have protested police brutality;
  • Calling Rep. Maxine Waters names and saying she has a low IQ;
  • Berating sports journalist Jemele Hill;
  • Failing to properly condemn the white racists in Charlottesville; hiring numerous folks in his administration with racial animus;
  • Doubling down on the guilt of the Central Park 5, all minority men who were exonerated for a brutal rape that divided New York City in the 1980s. Trump contributed to this by taking out newspaper ads calling on the young men to get the death penalty. …

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