Drug smugglers’ tunnel ran 600 feet from Mexico to KFC in Arizona

Drug smugglers’ tunnel ran 600 feet from Mexico to KFC in Arizona
Image: U.S. Customs and Border Protection via Washington Examiner

[Ed. – A never-ending struggle]

An Arizona man who owned an abandoned Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant one block from the U.S.-Mexico border is in custody after law enforcement discovered he had been trafficking drugs from a home in Mexico through a 600-foot-long underground tunnel to the kitchen of the fast food joint.

In the KFC’s kitchen was an eight-inch hole in the floor that then went 22 feet down to a wood beam-lined walkway that was five feet tall and three feet wide, according to photos U.S. Customs and Border Protection shared with the Washington Examiner on Friday.

Ivan Lopez, a resident of San Luis, was first arrested Aug. 13 on different charges that then led local police and federal agents to the KFC tunnel.

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Lopez was pulled over by police that day while driving a pickup truck and towing a trailer. During the traffic stop, a K-9 police officer alerted officers to two toolboxes in the trailer.

Police found 370 pounds of hard narcotics, including seven pounds of fentanyl, enough for 3 million doses.

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