Navy reestablishes U.S. Second Fleet in Norfolk, VA

Navy reestablishes U.S. Second Fleet in Norfolk, VA
Naval Station Norfolk, VA, home of once-and-future Second Fleet's assets. U.S. Navy image

[Ed. – A good move given the increasing level of military activity in the Atlantic.  The truth is, we should never have disestablished the 2nd Fleet.  There may be a level of technology and a political situation someday that make it unnecessary to maintain armed vigilance over our ocean-bastion buffers — the Atlantic and Pacific — but those conditions have never obtained yet in human history.]

The U.S Navy on Friday formally reactivated the Cold War-era naval command it relied on for decades to confront adversaries in the waters off North America — the latest in a series of efforts to check Moscow’s military expansion.

The move comes as Russian submarine activity surges in the Atlantic.

The 2nd Fleet in Norfolk, Virginia, which was deactivated in 2011, will once again be assigned ships, aircraft and Marine landing forces for potential operations along the East Coast and in the North Atlantic, where melting Arctic ice has also heightened the competition for natural resources.

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