Muslim school sues Delaware city for not allowing burqas in public pool

Muslim school sues Delaware city for not allowing burqas in public pool
Not that they don't look ridiculous, but are burkinis also not allowed? (Image: YouTube screen grab)

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A Muslim school has filed a lawsuit against the city of Wilmington for enforcing its public school attire policy. Before we get into the details of this latest Islamic supremacist lawsuit, a couple of points:

The reason Muslim women are required to wear those suffocating Islamic garments is to cover up their sexuality so that men are not tempted and Muslimas are not subjected to unwelcome male advances. Why are little Muslim girls required to wear them? Are they considered sexual objects? Why do little Muslim girls have to cover up their sexuality? And why must the West sanction and conform to this perversion?

The pool manager at the Foster Brown pool in Wilmington, Delaware repeatedly told Islamic camp leaders that cotton clothing was not allowed in the pool. The cotton ban is a safety issue, since cotton becomes heavy when wet and could strain the pool’s filtration system.

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The Islamic camp director Tahsiyn Ismaa’eel, who brought her devout students to the secular public pool, said staffers at the pool asked her when she was going to leave after advising her of the cotton clothing prohibition. Ismaa’eel said she eventually decided to pull the kids out of the pool.

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