Hmm: Unusual number of ‘major’ earthquakes in recent weeks

Hmm: Unusual number of ‘major’ earthquakes in recent weeks
USGS map of major earthquakes via The American Dream

[Ed. – No one seems to know quite what to say about this.  This guy puts forth a percentage increase based on information from an earthquake tracking site, with a figure at 50% more than “normal” for the last month.  A report circulated in late 2017 may hold a clue, referring to a correlation between a very slight slowing of Earth’s rotation and the incidence of major earthquakes.  Otherwise, it’s hard to find coverage that isn’t breathless and apocalyptic.  (The author of the article below could tone it down a bit, in fact.) But the earthquakes are real, unless we aren’t to believe the U.S. Geological Survey.]

To many of us, it is becoming exceedingly clear that something very unusual is happening to our planet.  I went and looked it up, and I was astounded to learn that the crust of the Earth has been shaken by 144 major earthquakes over the last 7 days, and that includes more than 50 on Sunday alone.  And remember, these are not small earthquakes.  The USGS considers any earthquake that is at least magnitude 4.5 to be “significant”, and they are happening so rapidly right now that it is difficult to keep up with them. …

It simply is not “normal” for 144 major earthquakes to happen in just one week.  In addition, dozens of volcanoes are currently erupting all over the globe.  We appear to have entered a time when the crust of our planet is going to become increasingly unstable…

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