Baltimore now having second thoughts about Dr. Ben Carson

Baltimore now having second thoughts about Dr. Ben Carson
Ben Carson (Image: YouTube screen grab via Fox News)

[Ed. – If there is anything that conveys how foolishly self-destructive leftism is, it’s this.  Carson’s message about climbing out of poverty through faith and character is a set of golden rules that everyone can make good use of.  But purely because of politics, community “leaders” in one of the least-successful cities in America want to devalue Carson’s message and deny schoolchildren a tremendous role model to look up to.]

The portrait used to hang in the hallway, welcoming children and parents to the Archbishop Borders School in Baltimore: a smiling Dr. Ben Carson in surgical scrubs, rubbing together the careful, steady hands that helped him become the nation’s most famous black doctor.

“The person who has the most to do with your success is you,” it reads.

That was before Carson’s presidential bid, before he withdrew from the race and endorsed Donald Trump, and before he was tapped to run the Department of Housing and Urban Development. It was before the president failed to condemn white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville, Virginia. And before Carson pushed policies critics say walk back civil rights protections for those living in subsidized housing.

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“I took it down,” said Principal Alicia Freeman of the portrait she’s since moved from the school’s second floor hallway to a less visible spot inside a reading room bearing Carson’s name. The doctor’s inspirational message now feels hostile, she said.

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