MSM should be at the vanguard of exposing corruption, not helping to cover it up

MSM should be at the vanguard of exposing corruption, not helping to cover it up

[Ed. – Careful there. Trump didn’t  call the mainstream media ‘the enemy of the people,’ either.

I will never call the mainstream media “the enemy of the people.” But I will call them out for having strayed from fairly reporting some of the biggest stories of the last two years. No matter how egregious their errors, they insist on pointing fingers elsewhere and reinforcing their political biases, in ways unimaginable to those of us who grew up in the Walter Cronkite era.

A few days ago, The Hill’s John Solomon revealed that Congress has discovered that Bruce Ohr — one of the highest-ranking Department of Justice (DOJ) officials reporting to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — was in continuous secret communication with former British spy Christopher Steele. …

Steele also just happened to be a paid informant for the FBI but was later dismissed for lying about his contacts with the media. The FBI used Steele’s dossier to apply for warrants to surveil Trump campaign consultant Carter Page. And, it turns out, part of the FBI’s substantiation for those warrants was a Yahoo News article which was, in fact, not independent reporting but simply the same story from the same source — Steele — although Steele apparently never told the FBI he was connected to it.

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