Russia funding American groups that thwart growth of U.S. energy industry

Russia funding American groups that thwart growth of U.S. energy industry
Fracking plant under construction in Ohio. Columbus Dispatch video, YouTube

[Ed. – Russia knows what buttons to push to try and thwart modernization and ingenuity in the U.S. fossil-fuel industry, which remains far and away the most profitable energy sector, and the one in which we are a world leader today.  Those who criticize U.S. administrations for advocating against certain energy deals between Europe and Russia need to remember that Russia is behaving politically with even more repressive intent — but with less honesty, and through dupes and cut-outs.]

Of the many American environmental advocacy groups complicit in this war-by-other-means strategy, two are particularly guilty of colluding with Russia to quell American production.

The Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) and the Sierra Club Foundation (SCF) have been advocating for the restriction of energy exploration and such advocacy could be harming the operation of defence forces.

Both NRDC and SCF get large amounts of money from the Sea Change Foundation, which receives funds from Russia and other sources and disseminates them to NRDC, SCF, and other Green advocacy groups. …

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NRDC and SCF filed an unusually large number of lawsuits against shale gas exploration. They organized a large network of advocacy groups, lobbyists, and lawyers in strategic places, including Washington, D.C., and state capitals.

Recent successes include blocking fracking projects in New York, where energy bills are soaring because of the state’s stubbornness in rejecting affordable, clean natural gas.

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