Cows help rehabilitate prisoners in Sweden

Cows help rehabilitate prisoners in Sweden
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[Ed. – See highlighted passage. We should all have such criminals to rehabilitate.]

It’s barely 6:00 am and Alfred is already busy milking cows. But when his chores on the farm are done, he won’t be going home — he’ll be returning to his prison cell.

In Sweden, which prioritises rehabilitation over long prison sentences, Alfred is one of 60 inmates preparing to reintegrate into society at a minimum security “open prison” functioning as a farm in the town of Mariestad, about 300 kilometres (185 miles) southwest of Stockholm.

Imprisoned since April for illegally possessing a gun, Alfred, a grandfather in his 50s who is due to be released in November, can’t hide the joy he gets from spending time with the animals.

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“I clean (the udder) to avoid the bacteria, then I disinfect it” before pulling the teats, Alfred says enthusiastically.

Other inmates work on the farm watering the plants, repainting the gates, and mowing the lawn. And a dozen of them are in charge of the livestock.

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