California Dem Feinstein was ‘easy mark’ for Chinese spy

California Dem Feinstein was ‘easy mark’ for Chinese spy
Image: Screen grab of Face the Nation video

[Ed. – A big thing that’s fascinating about this is that the research being done is largely available through old media reporting.  In other words, this has all been in plain sight for years.  It just didn’t register until the words “Chinese spy” were slapped on it.  Yet the journalists from years past must have seen it.  You don’t report on Feinstein’s connections with China year after year and miss their significance.  It looks from here like another example of special kid-gloves treatment from the media: reporting bare facts about Democrats as if they are disembodied, and no conclusions can be drawn from them.]

While she endeavored to minimize the impact of this individual to her work, The Daily Caller did some digging and it turns out he was substantially more involved with her office than chauffeuring California’s Senior US Senator to events. …

The New York Post’s Paul Sperry took a look at the FBI’s accounts and concluded that Feinstein was an “easy mark” for Chinese espionage.

In June 1996 — after the staffer had begun working for Feinstein — the FBI detected that the Chinese government was attempting to seek favor with the senator, who at the time sat on the East Asian and Pacific affairs subcommittee of the Foreign Relations Committee, which oversees US-China relations. Investigators warned her in a classified briefing that Beijing might try to influence her through illegal campaign contributions laundered through front corporations and other cutouts.

The warning proved prescient.

One Chinese bagman, Nanping-born John Huang, showed up at Feinstein’s San Francisco home for a fundraising dinner with a Beijing official tied to the People’s Bank of China and the Communist Party Committee. As a foreign national, the official wasn’t legally qualified to make the $50,000-a-plate donation to dine at the banquet. …

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