QAnon looks like a leftist prank on Trump supporters

QAnon looks like a leftist prank on Trump supporters

[Ed. – Who pays attention to “QAnon”?  Going by the buzz in social media lately, it’s mainly the left. I haven’t even bothered to know what it’s really about.  It just looks like some densely-packed 4chan thing, too exhausting and pointless to pursue.  But at least there’s “an Italian leftist activist collective called the Wu Ming Foundation” somehow tangentially related to it, so we’ve got that going for us.]

According to Q, nearly every president before Trump was a “criminal president” who was part of an evil global organization of Satanist pedophiles. It also claims members of the US military who are not working for the global pedophile cabal supposedly approached Trump and begged him to run for president so that they could purge the government of the deep state operatives without a military coup.

Q claims Trump is not under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, but that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are. And Trump is actually working with Mueller. …

[F]or 4chan trolls, the narrative about QAnon is shifting. Many now believe it was meant to be a prank on older conservatives. …

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Last month, an Italian leftist activist collective called the Wu Ming Foundation pointed to a book they published in the ’90s that is shockingly similar to QAnon.

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