Those times in 2008 when leftists literally attacked Fox News crews

Those times in 2008 when leftists literally attacked Fox News crews
Frenzy. Anti-Trump protesters in March 2016. YouTube

[Ed. – Caleb Howe is wrong about why Trump attacks the press.  To say it’s because Trump “doesn’t like people criticizing him” is like saying the Brits fought back in the spring of 1940 because they don’t like people dropping bombs on them.  Trump is fighting a war using a plan, not retaliating for bad notices.  Observe that I didn’t say it’s righteous to wage the fight Trump is waging.  But if Trump were merely retaliating against criticism, he wouldn’t be able to turn the tables with a thematic campaign — which is what he is, in fact, doing.  At any rate, overall, Howe makes some good points here.]

[Y]elling at the press is not unique or new in American politics, and in fact, compared to the past, this week’s display of displeasure for Acosta and co. was positively mild.

Let’s go on a Throwback Thursday trip to 2008. [Video ensues.]

That is a Fox News crew covering the protest. I was watching as the crowd figured out who they were and went from zero to zeroing-in in a matter of minutes. At the center are reporter Griff Jenkins and his camera crew. The guy holding the camera had it shoved forcefully into his face, leaving a bleeding wound on his nose. It was an ugly scene.

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But you may not remember it. No president was asked about it. No Democrat candidate was made to disown it. It didn’t get much press. Not like this week’s mob.

Oh, also, here’s another one. (Language warning some more.) …

[W]hen a group or groups of people feel that a press outlet with a big microphone is being unfair, unjust, biased, cruel, dehumanizing, or simply antagonistic, there does generally seem to be pushback.

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