Elderly woman in Netherlands forcibly euthanized against her will

Elderly woman in Netherlands forcibly euthanized against her will

[Ed. – Death panels do exist.]

While several countries in Europe allow assisted suicide, the Netherlands has arguably the most permissive laws in the world, allowing any to kill themselves at any time, for any reason. But judging by a horrifying case that just made headlines, the Netherlands has now resorted to euthanizing people against their will.

A woman living in a nursing home had previously said that she wished to undergo assisted suicide when “the time is right.” While the patient has not been identified, it is believed that she was over 80, and that her dementia was getting worse. One of the senior doctors at her nursing home decided to have her be euthanized, believing that she was “suffering intolerably,” even though the woman was no longer capable of giving her approval.

A doctor was called in to perform the euthanasia, and didn’t disclose what was about to happen to her — to avoid “unnecessary distress.” Yet, coincidentally, in the days leading up to her death, the woman had repeatedly said that she didn’t want to die. When the doctors made the decision to euthanize, it was done physically against her will. She reportedly struggled and fought so much that the doctor instructed her family to hold her down while he killed her, which they did.

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