Canada suggests euthanasia as solution for man complaining about abysmal quality of medical care

Canada suggests euthanasia as solution for man complaining about abysmal quality of medical care

[Ed. – Certainly an ingenious approach. Thoroughly mistreat a patient, and then when he’s in despair over things like being given food poisoning by his “care” staff, advise him that — thankfully! — “assisted suicide” is a viable option for him.]

Roger Foley is a 42-year-old man with a terminal neural disease that makes it nearly impossible for him to move his arms or legs or even speak.  Under Canada’s zero-choice socialized medicine, he’s gotten absolutely crappy care from a Canadian home care service, one of whose many violations has put him in the hospital for food poisoning, which is where he’s at now. …

Turns out Foley had tapes of the state’s pressure to take the suicide option, which certainly would be beneficial to the Canadian health care system, given the costs of his care that they don’t want to pick up, despite being socialist and all, and their already impressive record of failure.


Foley tells the man that he’s “always thinking I want to end my life” because of the way he’s being treated at the hospital and because his requests for self-directed care have been denied.

The man is then heard telling Foley that he can “just apply to get an assisted, if you want to end your life, like you know what I mean?”

When Foley says that he is being forced to end his life, the man protests and says that’s not the case.

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