Privately, intel officials back terminating clearances for Clapper, Brennan

Privately, intel officials back terminating clearances for Clapper, Brennan
The brain trust, briefing Congress in 2014. (Image: Defense Intelligence Agency)

[Ed. – The intel officials are right. Clapper and Brennan have been trading on that access not just to enrich themselves with media contracts, but to do actual — and highly partisan — damage to the public information environment.  Lee Smith hits another one out of the park.]

Some sources say former CIA director Brennan, ex-director of national intelligence Clapper and others with security clearances were emboldened to pursue political agendas through the anti-Trump media, in a climate of impunity created by the Justice Department’s failure to prosecute leaks attending Donald Trump’s election. Notable among the leaks, they said, was a top unnamed official’s “unmasking” of Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn in a January 2017 Washington Post column by David Ignatius, sourced to classified intercepts of Flynn’s contacts with the Russian ambassador. Leaking such classified information is a felony.

“The very people who are now talking the most know the details of how the Flynn intercept was leaked,” a senior U.S. official told RealClearInvestigations. “They wouldn’t be out talking like that if they’d been interviewed by the FBI.” …

[Former CIA case officer Daniel] Hoffman, a Fox News analyst himself, has written critically of Brennan and Clapper’s media posture. As a former CIA station chief in Moscow, Hoffman said he is especially concerned about Brennan’s speculation that Trump could be compromised by the Russians.

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“Brennan and Clapper are doing Putin’s bidding when they speculate without facts,” Hoffman told RCI, “in Brennan’s case that Putin could blackmail Trump, and in Clapper’s that the Kremlin’s interference swung the election to Trump.  Senior intelligence officers should know we speculate at our own peril.”

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