CBS correspondent: Obama didn’t want to look political on Russian investigation

CBS correspondent: Obama didn’t want to look political on Russian investigation

[Ed. – Which in the light of his involvement in the FBI plot to undermine Trump is precisely how he’s ended up looking.]

Author and CBS correspondent Jeff Pegues says President Obama didn’t do more publicly to condemn Russia’s actions during the 2016 presidential race because he didn’t want to appear political in his response.

“Do you think it was largely a political calculation for the Obama administration to do less?” Hill.TV co-host Buck Sexton asked Pegues on “Rising.”

“I think in hindsight it was,” Pegues responded. “There were concerns at that time that the Obama administration would appear to be putting the thumb on the scale for Hillary Clintonat a time when candidate Trump was saying that the election was rigged.”

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Still, Pegues said Obama did the one thing that the Trump administration hasn’t: confront Russian President Vladimir Putin directly over the meddling.

“If you talk to intelligence officials, they’ll tell you one thing you have to do is confront whoever’s doing it,” Pegues told Hill.TV. “President Obama did it. You might recall that he said that ‘I told Vlad essentially to cut it out.’”

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