Report: Recycling industry is actually causing mass build-up of plastic waste in oceans

Report: Recycling industry is actually causing mass build-up of plastic waste in oceans
Floating plastic trash, Caribbean. YouTube

[Ed. – The reasoning and research appear sound, although one would of course want to investigate further before drawing firm conclusions.  The bottom line seems to be that recycling plastic effectively requires a lot more than the public is willing or equipped to do, and most plastic waste put into the recycling system ends up being dumped anyway — much of it in the world’s waterways. The policy of encouraging recycling has meant not having the incineration and landfill capacities that would stem the flow better.]

Green recycling policy is killing the oceans with plastic pollution, says a shock report by a Finnish public health expert.

The report, written for the Global Warming Policy Foundation by Mikko Paunio, adjunct professor in general epidemiology at the University of Helsinki, is titled Save the Oceans – Stop Recycling Plastic.

Paunio writes:

The title may sound odd to ordinary people, but the sad fact is that the global “recycling” industry has significantly added to the marine plastic litter problem.

I have put recycling in quotes, because only a small fraction of plastic recovered from consumers is actually recycled: the material collected is dirty and so mixed up that it is impossible to produce the high-quality raw material required by, for example, the food-packaging industry. Most recovered plastic is simply burned or dumped: on land, in rivers, or even directly in the oceans. …

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Most of this pollution derives from rivers in Asia and Africa. But this does not let the West off the hook. On the contrary, Paunio says, the ocean plastic pollution problem is largely the creation of Western environmentalist ideologues.

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