College Board cuts out most of world history from its AP World History curriculum

College Board cuts out most of world history from its AP World History curriculum

[Ed. – This makes very little sense.  The purpose would seem to be intentionally cultivating ignorant people.  I guess it could be “Western-centric,” but it’s definitely too “modern-centric.” Assessing only knowledge of history since 1450 leaves out pretty much everything that makes us who we are: the rise of the great religions, the entire world’s heritage of early and original philosophy, the histories of the ancient empires, the foundations of modern science and math – the list just goes on and on.  Even the proposal to add a pre-AP curriculum only takes the history back to 600 B.C.  That still leaves out a ton of stuff: Ancient Egypt, the Hebrews, Mesopotamia, the Sumerians, the Indus valley, much of pre-Columbian culture in the Americas.  So much more.  China, the Far East, Africa before 1450 or 600 B.C.? It’s nuts.]

Students and scholars are up in arms over a decision to cut thousands of years from the Advanced Placement World History curriculum, with some historians fretting it will make the course too “Western-centric.”

“The College Board wants to remove over 8,000 of those years, and start the course in 1450 CE,” declares a petition seeking to prevent the change, which had already exceeded 11,000 signatures by press time.

According to the College Board, the AP World History curriculum “will assess content only from c. 1450 through the present” starting in the 2019-2020 school year, though “the exam format and rubrics will stay the same.”

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