Media freak out after Atlantic writer interviews trans people with regrets

Media freak out after Atlantic writer interviews trans people with regrets

[Ed. – How dare they tell the truth! Warning: Graphic language]

The Atlantic’“When Children Say They’re Trans” article in its July/August issue was recently met with completely expected outrage across media platforms. That’s because the article featured several transgender people who went back to their biological gender. Writing on this perspective proves to be a death sentence by other media, particularly for this story’s writer, Jesse Singal.

In response, Jezebel asked, “What’s Jessie Singal’s Fucking Deal?” Contributor Harron Walker argued that Singal used his trans articles as a “smokescreen for his anti-trans sentiment” and even asked why The Atlantic “decided to publish as its cover story a cis writer’s article about trans people who aren’t trans.” She accused the outlet of “play[ing] host to Singal’s bullshit.”

ThinkProgress called the story a “a loud dog whistle for anti-transgender parents. LGBTQ editor Zack Ford said that the  “article’s lopsided perspectives and dearth of citations” gives parents a reason to “justify any doubts they have about their own transgender children.” Several of Singal’s talking points, he added, “appear to be borrowed directly from advocates for ex-gay conversion therapy.”

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