Trump-Nazi comparisons are absurd, inappropriate, and show an ignorance of history

Trump-Nazi comparisons are absurd, inappropriate, and show an ignorance of history
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[Ed. – Just don’t do it.]

These Nazi or Hitler references are inappropriate because their hyperbolic nature cheapens the memory of the actual horrors that millions of people including six million Jews (1.5 million of them were children). From a journalistic point of view, the exaggeration is a sign of disrespect for their audience. Perhaps they feel their readers or viewers are not intelligent enough to understand their prose unless their narratives are blown way out of proportion, or maybe they just lack the semantic agility to craft the appropriate prose to interest and inform their audience.


Sadly, it is a habit of liberals who disagree with an opinion to resort to name calling. I was once called an anti-Semite by an employee of the liberal organization Media Matters. And he did it on a Saturday when I am not online (but my Gentile friends at protected me online until my post-Shabbos return).

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Holocaust references used to be a red line not to be crossed. In the sporadic cases when a Republican in power or media used that label on President Obama as Rep. Randy Weber did in January 2015,  this writer ripped them a “new one.”

Those cases are no longer rare. Since Donald Trump was nominated for President too many times, we hear and see people trot out the word “Nazi” to describe someone or something associated with Trump that does not align with liberal political beliefs.

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