Media misrepresent Pope Francis’s criticism of the border crisis

Media misrepresent Pope Francis’s criticism of the border crisis

[Ed. – Fake news for a change]

From the way the media has reported it, you might think that Pope Francis has condemned the Trump administration — and only the Trump administration — for the crisis at the border.

“Pope Francis Rebukes Trump Administration Over Family Separations,” headlined Politico. “Pope Francis Condemns Trump’s Family Separation Policy,” shouted Vox.

The same headlines were virtually parroted one way or another by HuffPo and WaPo.

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Of course, none of these outlets uttered so much as a peep when the Roman Pontiff compared eugenics abortion to Nazi crimes or affirmed the Church’s doctrine of marriage being between a man and a woman this week. They trot out the Pope only when it suits their purpose and then discard him the moment he takes them to task for their sins.

So, what did Pope Francis actually say regarding the border crisis that has resulted in families being separated? For one thing, he did not just single-out President Trump for condemnation, stressing the problem actually stretched back to the Obama years. While the Pope did refer to the separation of families as “immoral,” he said so only as a Christian leader, not to score political points.

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