Press will stop at nothing to get Scott Pruitt; latest overreach requires major retraction

Press will stop at nothing to get Scott Pruitt; latest overreach requires major retraction
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, getting a word in edgewise. (Image: Screen grab of NBC News video, YouTube)

[Ed. – This is why I am simply ignoring the barrage of media attacks on Pruitt, and urge the Republicans in Congress to do the same.  The media have lost all credibility on this matter.  Be sure to read the whole piece, which points out that virtually all the accusations being touted against Pruitt come from a single individual with a bizarre history — completely unrelated to Pruitt — and major credibility problems of his own.  Emphasis added.]

[O]ver the weekend … the New York Times was forced to post a lengthy correction to its latest hit piece on Scott Pruitt, President Trump’s EPA administrator. While the correction itself reveals a major blunder, it obfuscates the real outrage about the original story: The reporters went after Pruitt’s daughter. …

The piece was another installment in the paper’s relentless campaign against Pruitt, a top-tier target of the anti-Trump mob.

But in their eagerness to inflict another bruise on the much-abused EPA administrator, they hit his daughter, McKenna, a graduate student at the University of Virginia.

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The Times accused Pruitt of using his post at the top of the EPA to obtain a letter of recommendation from a former Virginia lawmaker to help his daughter get into the prestigious UVA law school. To support its claim, the paper reported that the lawmaker even appeared on Pruitt’s official EPA calendar.

The lawmaker, William Howell, a friend of Pruitt’s for 20 years, did indeed write a letter for McKenna: In November 2016, when Pruitt was Oklahoma attorney general, more than three months before he was sworn in as Trump’s EPA chief.  [It was actually before Trump was even elected. – Ed.]

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