CNN: ‘We’re not the enemy of the American people. We love the American people’

CNN: ‘We’re not the enemy of the American people. We love the American people’

[Ed. – Just not, you know, white men.  Or black men who aren’t progressive Democrats.  Or Muslim women who aren’t progressive Democrats.  Or Christians who oppose same-sex marriage.  Or atheists who don’t think abortion-on-demand is a good idea, or that other people should have to pay for it.  Or gun owners.  Or Republicans.  Or NFL fans who don’t want politics crowding out sports.  Or Trump voters.  Or…]

CNN did not take kindly to the words that President Trump used to describe them. After his historic summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, Trump lashed out at the news media, saying fake news is the “biggest enemy” to the country. The president specifically called out CNN and NBC. …

Well, journalists are foot soldiers of the elite. They don’t think they’re ever wrong. And they get riffled like no other when they’re called fake or an enemy of the people. After years of Republicans more or less tolerating and accepting the bias in the media, we have a guy in the Oval who fights back. …

But have no fear, everyone—CNN’s Wolf Blitzer says they love the American people.

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